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U3410 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower II

2210 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City

Philippines, 1231


 (02) 625-7396 | telefax (02) 812-2301



right pane service

• Coordinate Project Mobilization

• Supervise all fields sub-contractors and trades

• Conduct jobsite coordinating meetings

• Participate client progress review meetings

• Monitor and update the project schedule throughout the construction phase

    a. Coordinate activities with equipment suppliers and vendors

    b. Provide testing and inspection services

    c. Enforce site-specific safety program

• Provide on-site project administration services including cost accounting and document protocol

• Prepare and issue monthly project status reports

• Implement quality control program

• Review and approved all progress payments including:

    a. Verification that equipment/systems have been approved

    b. Verification that materials/equipment have been delivered and/or installed in accordance with the contract   documents

    c. Verification that the percentage of work completed is accurate and reflects the appropriate balance of work to be completed

• Prepare final punch list and conduct inspection

• Assemble equipment operations and maintenance manuals and assist in client training

• Secure and transmit record documentation including equipment warranties and guarantees to the client

Real Estate

real estate

Allegiance Development Corporation have established linkages with top real estate developers of the country. Ranging from residential to commercial, to special classes of properties such as monuments, schools, hospitals and thr likes. This proves indespensible as industrial establishments such as factories, warehouses, planrs popped out in the country like mushrooms.



The ever changing world of material & equipment technology is the key component of any construction project. This covers almost the entire phase and scope of the project… from offices, houses, to trading floors, data centers to broadcast centers and academic compounds to laboratories. To ensure that these unique requirements are never overlooked or under valued, our company created a dedicated technology team that oversees the technological aspect of the project.

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